Here at Pillow Villa, we believe that comfort and beautiful things do not have to be at the expense of our planet. 



Being aware of the environmental issues, an essential part of our work is seeking more environmentally-friendly materials and production processes, aiming to improve every step of the way.Carefully selecting the materials, we aim for the innovative, high quality, durable, pet-safe, recycled, or easily recyclable ones. We also use natural materials in places where we think it is appropriate.


Our products are hand-made or hand-finished by local makers in Lithuania, and materials are sourced in Europe.We believe that locally-sourced materials and locally-made products enrich the local social and economic environment and are better for the planet. 


Easy to assemble parts, easy to change bed covers, round edges, pet-safe materials – all designed for the safe use for animal and easy to maintain for us.Aiming for the modern look, we believe that it has to be somewhat fun too. Combination of playful and functional elements are our must.